Councillors in a lather

Mr Carey made the comment during last Tuesday’s council meeting after councillors approved two new car washes.

The city’s records show there are already three other car washes in Vincent ” at 496 Charles Street, 159 Lord Street and 317 Bulwer Street.

The council voted to approve the demolition of an existing service station at 350 Charles Street to make way for a car wash with a cafe and associated car parking.

Mr Carey said he would support the item because there were no grounds on which to refuse it, but he believed it would be bad for the city.

‘If this isn’t screaming for high-density development, then I don’t know what is,’ he said. ‘This should be a four-storey strategic building instead of a car wash.

‘Clearly there is a demand for car-washing sites across Vincent.’

Cr Roslyn Harley said the approval was a disappointing outcome.

The council then approved the partial demolition of an existing service station and change of use to a car wash at 307A to 311 Fitzgerald Street.

Cr Emma Cole agreed that another car wash was ‘not a great outcome for Vincent’ but said it would benefit traffic flow in the area.