Court hears Perth girl’s alleged rapist ‘told police’ in interview

A MAN accused of raping a 13-year-old girl after she was offered up by her father admitted he had sexual activity with her to police, a Perth court has heard.

Alfred John Impicciatore was aged 45 in March 2015 when he struck up an online friendship with the girl’s father and allegedly sexually penetrated her four times on his first visit to their house.

Prosecutor Justin Whalley said the state’s case largely rested on admissions made by Impicciatore towards the end of a two-hour police interview conducted about two months later, while DNA from a mixed profile on a condom wrapper matched his.

Mr Whalley said the fact he fled the state after being charged demonstrated a consciousness of guilt.

The prosecutor also told the court the father gave the accused liquid viagra before they both sexually abused the girl as she wore an eye mask in her bedroom.

In a video recorded interview with police that was played to Impicciatore’s judge-alone District Court of WA trial on Tuesday, the girl said she didn’t have a good look at the face of the man who abused her, but noted it was round and his physique was “really bulky”.

Defence lawyer John Hawkins said his client maintained his innocence and the onus was on the state to prove its case, replying “yes” to Judge Mark Herron when asked if it was questioned whether the abuse occurred at all.