Crime team praised for super clear up rate

Sgt Wade Quinn and his team.
Sgt Wade Quinn and his team.

The 10-officer team was ordered by Assistant Commissioner Garry Budge who posted a sergeant and nine constables to the Bayswater Police Station in late December for a minimum three months to reduce an increase in crime, especially burglaries and motor vehicle thefts, in the area.

As of November 30, burglaries in the area had risen by 13.1 per cent over the station’s five-year average, while thefts were up 23 per cent.

The number of vehicle thefts increased the most though, with an increase of 136 per cent on the five-year average.

The area targeted included Inglewood, Mt Lawley and Maylands.

Just two months in Bayswater Inquiry Team Sergeant Wade Quinn and his team have had a big effect on crime in the area and because of their good results will continue their posting indefinitely.

‘We’ve recovered about half a million dollars worth of stolen motor vehicles and charged people with over 240 offences since the end of December,’ Sgt Quinn said.

‘We’ve also cleared over 330 crime files.

‘When I came here the plan was to try and halve what we had in relation to crime files and we did that within the first three weeks.

‘It’s now been two months and over that time we’ve arrested people on charges ranging from robbery, aggravated burglary, stolen vehicles, drink driving and stealing to possession of drugs with intent to sell and supply.’

Sgt Quinn, a former detective who has been in the police force for 18 years, praised his team and said they should be very proud of their results.

‘There’s plenty of work and the team is very motivated; they’re keen young guys and girls, and they want to lock up criminals,’ he said.

‘Now the plan is to continue to keep getting these results.’