Cyclists sweep up danger in their paths in Perth

Cyclists sweep up danger in their paths in Perth

COMMUTER cyclist Ron Coleman (57) sweeps the bike path before him and for others because of shattered bottles on the shared route on his daily rides through central Perth.

“I carry a hand brush because, from Claisebrooke to West Perth, the path can be littered with broken glass,” Mr Coleman said.

A hydrogeologist, he cycles daily to work on bike paths from Maylands to West Perth.

On Monday, he swept a broken bottle off the path opposite a nightclub on Roe Street.

“The City of Perth needs to send a street sweeper down here before we ride each Monday because, without fail, the glass is a danger to cyclists,” he said,

Westcycle Phil Taylor said the sweeper should clean the path daily, but cyclists were more concerned about the safety of their dedicated routes and the threat of cars in the CBD.

Mr Taylor said cyclists needed a way of reporting safety issues such as bad lighting, debris, flooding or blown sand on the paths to the council.

However, he said cyclists should also contribute by commenting on the new transport plan being developed by the council.

Asked if a sweeper would be sent before commuters arrived, City of Perth commissioner Andrew Hammond said the Roe Street cycle path from Beaufort to Melbourne streets was swept seven nights a week.

Mr Hammond said a cleaning crew would attend at it and other sites if broken glass, sand and other debris was reported on 9461 3333.

He said the city was updating its plan for more cycling, by integrating existing and new bike infrastructure, including increasing bike parking, two-way streets, dedicated cycle lanes and reduced car speeds.