Dancebox Studios Perth keen to move away from negative teaching

The Eden Hill resident started dancing when she was four years old and went on to train in two syllabuses at the Royal Academy of Dance and the British Dance Association.

“When I was four I had this old- school, strict teacher who yelled and screamed and I vowed I’d never be like that but I loved (dance) so much I just wanted to keep going,” Ms Hack said.

After moving to Perth from Sydney recently, Ms Hack is opening two dance schools in Yokine and South Perth from February 29 and hopes to encourage self-expression in her young students.

“When you’re dancing you forget about all of your worries. I want to foster that camaraderie because dance has always been about celebration,” she said. “It’s good exercise and gives good brain training.”

Ms Hack said she would teach ballet, jazz, hip-hop and tap to students from 3-15 at each studio.

“I’m trying to move away from negative teaching styles and promote safe dancing practices,” she said.

“I’d like to take away the draconian dance teachers and tyrants who take the fun out of dance.”

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