Daniel Kerr to tackle doughnut tower in the name of charity at Expresstival

Kerr psyching himself up for the challenge. Photo: Getty
Kerr psyching himself up for the challenge. Photo: Getty

West Coast legend Daniel Kerr is putting the fact he no longer has to worry about skinfolds to good use, by undertaking an eating challenge for charity.

At Expresstival this weekend the 33-year-old former running machine will take on the 40cm Doughnut Tower created by Lena Lu and Feedmee App.

The Tower consists of 24 fresh Italian Bomboloni doughnuts, a generous drizzle of Hershey’s chocolate sauce and lots of sweet treats, making it Perth’s biggest doughnut challenge.

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But there’s a reason for this madness, with Feedmee App donating five meals to someone in need via Ozharvest for every doughnut Kerr manages to chomp his way through.

Kerr said the challenge would take a toll.

“It’s a bit of fun for a good cause, and a lot of gym work later on,” Kerr said.

Expresstival coincides with Anti-Poverty Week and celebrates creativity, generosity and diversity.

It takes place in Forrest Place in Perth this Saturday October 22 between 11am and 4pm.

Kerr’s eating challenge is due to take place at 1.30pm.