Decent return for Proposal

Operation Proposal, which ran in Highgate from April to July, resulted in 18 people charged under the Prostitution Act and 57 prostitution move-on orders.

The City of Vincent and WA Police conducted the initiative to minimise the effect of street prostitution.

Police spent nearly 700 hours patrolling Highgate over the 13-week period.

They also carried out vehicle checks, issued infringement notices and impounded vehicles.

The results will be presented to council at tonight’s meeting.

Ms MacTiernan said while Operation Proposal had an impact, there was not a quick fix.

‘It was successful, but we are not under the illusion that the problem is just going to go away,’ she said.

‘I don’t think it’s something we can ever wipe out, but we can dampen it down.’

Ms MacTiernan said it was not possible to maintain the intense police presence in the Highgate area, but council would continue to work closely with police to make sure the area was actively patrolled.

She said council would look at alternative ways to mitigate the problem, including the use of surveillance cameras, increased lighting and encouraging residents to report suspicious behaviour.

The City of Vincent Rangers also assisted with the operation, spending almost half of their patrol hours in Highgate on Stirling Street. They will continue monitoring the area.