Deputy Lord Mayor James Limnios calls on Lisa Scaffidi to step aside

PERTH Council deputy lord mayor James Limnios called on Lisa Scaffidi to stand aside this morning, seven months after he put his name to a statement supporting the Lord Mayor.

Councillor Limnios issued the statement two days after the findings of a Local Government Department investigation into the Lord Mayor’s undeclared gifts were tabled in State Parliament.

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On Tuesday, Ms Scaffidi said she would not resign despite the announcement she faced 45 breach allegations, including 29 undeclared gifts.

Mr Limnios said he did not want to be seen as “leading the charge against the Lord Mayor but the public’s confidence in local government was at risk.

“My conscience does not allow me to stand by and not protect the interests of the City of Perth, its reputation, the rate payers, stakeholders and the people that work at the City,” he said.

“The report states the Lord Mayor has failed on numerous occasions to declare travel related gifts which is concerning, however my major concern is around the acceptance of some of those gifts,” Mr Limnios said.

“In particular the Broome Cup and Beijing Olympic gifts as council was doing business during that period of time with the two organisations that provided them.”

Mr Limnios said he had reached the conclusion that the “Lord Mayor’s position is now untenable” and she should now stand aside at least until a formal decision has been made by the State Solicitors office or the State Administrative Tribunal.

“We have been elected to serve the rate payers and citizens of this city with integrity hence why I take this position,” he said.