Divulging his occupation not usually on mind of Fringe World Festival mind reader

Alex McAleer. Picture: Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd
Alex McAleer. Picture: Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd

ALEX McAleer tries to avoid telling people his occupation when in social situations.

The Fringe World Festival nominated mind reader will bring his aptly named show Mind Reader back to Perth with a few twists and surprises and a brand new, slightly darker show Brainwashed at a later, more adult-friendly timeslot.

McAleer said he preferred to keep his occupation to himself and his audience because he gets a mixture of reactions when he reveals what he does to people.

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“I try to avoid it,” he said.

“When I tell people, some get very paranoid and nervous.”

He had no choice but to reveal his occupation to Customs when he arrived in the country on Monday.

“I said I was here for the Fringe show and (the Customs officer) asked me what I was doing and so I told him I am a mind reader and he had a look on his face like I was taking the mickey.”

McAleer acknowledged it was an unconventional career path, but it was always his goal.

“I bumped into a former teacher of mine a few years ago, she came to a show, and she said ‘I always knew you would do something weird’,” he said.

“When I was about five or six, I wanted to be a magician (but) when I was 14 years old, my Mum died and I began to wonder if psychics were real and I found out they don’t have powers, they use psychological tricks.

“I liken it to playing a piano; some get it and others are tone deaf.”

He is performing from January 20-28.

For more information and tickets, go to https://www.fringeworld.com.au/