DR Family’s experience of autism guides career

�This child was a gorgeous boy with beautiful blue eyes and black hair and he used echolalia imitating language from videos; I could see that he was extremely bright,� Dr Stieglitz Ham said.

�We established a connection and it was a joy to see him progress and grow during the time that I knew him.�

It was years after her first experience with the disorder when Dr Stieglitz Ham realised her own father had undiagnosed autism.

Dr Stieglitz Ham�s niece and nephew were all also later diagnosed with autism, inspiring her to open and manage her private practice, Autism and Language Intervention WA, as well as become part of the Perth Psychological Services�s diagnostic team.

�I help my clients understand their strengths and scaffold their weaknesses,� Dr Stieglitz said.

�Sometimes they need help understanding how their brain works best.

�I work with individuals who have never been told that their brains process information differently and that they see the world through a different filter.�

Last week, the Nedlands resident won the $10,000 Perth Convention Bureau City of Perth Scholarship, which will go towards professional development and attending conferences and attracting them to WA.

The scholarship will enable Dr Stieglitz Ham to speak at the largest conference for speech and language pathologists in the world in the US in November and provide networking opportunities.