Extra buses for busy route

Transperth statistics show more than 17,000 people use the route, between Morley and Perth and on to QEII and UWA, on an average business day.

Transperth spokesman David Hynes said this was above expectation and more buses were added to the route.

‘When we launched the bus, we expected about 15,000 people to use it each day,’ he said.

‘Our data shows the route is being use by 17,000 people a day ” a staggering 2000 more than we expected.

‘It is now the most frequent bus route in Perth.’

The 950 replaced routes 21 and 22 from Morley to Perth and the 78 and 79 from Perth to Nedlands.

Mr Hynes said more people were using the new bus route than the previous four routes overall (up 24 per cent) and on Sundays (up 49 per cent).

He said the organisation was also developing bus priority infrastructure to further improve the service.

‘We are still working toward a number of bus priority modifications including road treatments and traffic signal changes so that we can hopefully make our services even more reliable,’ he said.

‘The corridor from Morley Bus Station to Shenton Park Station is identified as a key bus rapid transit corridor in the Public Transport Plan 2031.

‘The 950 covers a large portion of that route.’