Fee fall in bid to retain City

At its July 4 meeting, chairman Russ Fishwick moved a motion to reduce the waste management council’s gate fee from $149 per tonne to $122, with a further reduction open for negotiation.

The motion was carried, with eight of the eleven 11 representatives present supportive, but three Stirling representatives ” councillors David Boothman, Sharon Cooke and Jason Robins ” voted against it.

The council’s decision stated that MRC would increase any negotiated fee below $122 over several years until it reached parity with other member councils ” the cities of Joondalup, Wanneroo, Perth and Vincent, and towns of Cambridge and Victoria Park.

It also assumed that Stirling would commit to tip all its non-recycled waste ” a minimum of 73,000 tonnes ” through MRC and that legislative costs outside the control of the waste council would be passed on.

MRC chief executive Brian Callander said they had since met with Stirling on July 16 and were in the process of negotiations.

The MRC decided in May to start urgent talks to retain Stirling as a member council.