Fight against route change

Angry residents opposed to changes to bus route 15. Picture: Andrew Ritchie   d441568
Angry residents opposed to changes to bus route 15. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d441568

The Seniors and Disabled Bus Action Group 15 (SANDBAG 15) was formed in response to the Public Transport Authority�s (PTA) changes to bus route 15 from the city to Glendalough.

Member and bus user Tad Krysiak said the group had taken action against the PTA on the grounds of discrimination.

He said there were elderly people who lived on the corner of Leeder Street because of its close proximity to a bus stop that were now forced to negotiate busy Harbourne Street.

�This is not disadvantaging just one or two people but a whole group of elderly and disabled; we believe this is systemic,� he said.

�For school students, removal of the route from the inner suburban streets means that these young people would have to negotiate major traffic arteries, increasing the risk to their safety.�

Mr Krysiak said members met an Equal Opportunity Commission representative last week.

PTA spokesman David Hynes said changes to bus routes were not made lightly or for no reason.

�In the case of route 15, patronage had been stagnant for some time, while community members had made multiple requests for a more direct service which extended to Glendalough Station. All existing route 15 passengers are within a reasonable walking distance of the re-routed service,� he said.

�Transperth undertook considerable community consultation before making the changes. Of 244 responses, only 18 per cent opposed re-routing the service.�

Mr Hynes said the concerns of some residents who lived near Leeder Street were addressed.

�Additional bus stops have been installed in Harborne Street to minimise the walk for these passengers,� he said.