Fishing for answers in Hyde Park

A Fisheries survey team is currently undertaking sampling of the lakes to assess whether the jaguar cichlid species is still present.

Vincent chief executive Len Kosova said an introduced species of carp had been in the lake for many years.

“The Department did not raise any concern about the presence of the carp, but did find one specimen of aquarium fish – the jaguar cichlid – which is of some concern,” he said,

Introduced fish can wreak havoc on the ecosystem of waterways and can have negative implications for native fish species.

Fisheries biosecurity team leader Victoria Aitken said she could not comment on the status of the jaguar cichlid fish in the lake until testing was completed.

Ms Aitken said carp was a widespread problem in WA waterways and Fisheries hoped local councils would take up the challenge to help keep them under control.

“We do survey suburban lakes when resources allow and when doing that, we remove as many pest species as we can,” she said.

“Our researchers need to focus on prevention and responding to new pest arrivals, as we have a better chance of eradicating them, compared to pests that are already widespread and extremely difficult and expensive to control.

“However, if there are reports of carp in new areas, efforts to eradicate them would be considered in partnership with local authorities.”