Former child psychiatrist accused of child molestation

A former child psychiatrist is on trial in Perth, accused of raping and molesting two teenage patients between 1988 and 1990.

Prosecutor Alan Dungey said one of the victims started seeing Ian Stuart McAlpine after sinking into depression at the end of Year 12, while the other girl sought his help a few months into her final year at high school.

She’d had a difficult childhood, including being raped by a man at age 15, and her family were not emotionally expressive so she appreciated signs that McAlpine cared about her, the prosecutor said.

The other girl, whose 1991 complaint about McAlpine to the Medical Practice Board led to him being struck from the roll of medical practitioners, alleges he raped her on her 18th birthday, robbing her of her virginity.

She also told police but they did not follow up her claims until last year, when she said in an interview she felt dirty and ashamed, but had also believed he cared about her.

“She needed his love because he had brainwashed her to think he was the only person who loved her,” Mr Dungey said.

He also said the other girl “started switching off mentally” during the abuse.

Mr Dungey told the jury McAlpine was convicted in 1997 of indecently assaulting a 15-year-old patient and they should not find he was given consent freely and voluntarily by the children, who should have been receiving treatment.

McAlpine’s defence counsel Linda Black will deliver a brief opening statement later on Monday.