Former Vincent mayor disappointed by City’s decision to auction community bus

The Vincent community bus.
The Vincent community bus.

NORTH Perth Bendigo Bank chairman Nick Catania is “bitterly disappointed” City of Vincent will put a community bus up for auction.

The former Vincent mayor’s comments came after council made its decision on May 1.

The branch donated $120,000 to the City in 2008 so it could purchase a 22-seater bus to hire out to transport residents to events and appointments.

Bookings for the bus dwindled, with only three made in the last 22 months.

Mr Catania attempted to have the bus returned to the bank and when he was unsuccessful, offered $20,000 for it.

According to the Local Government Act 1995, City assets must either put it up for auction, public tender or make a public notice of the proposed disposition.

Mr Catania said the bank board meets at the end of each month and would discuss then whether to put in a bid at the auction.

“We won’t lose any opportunity (to get the bus back); if we want to dip our hand in the pocket and put the bus into use, the decision will be made very quickly,” he said.

Mr Catania said a letter signed in 2008 contained a condition the bus be returned if it was not in use.

Vincent chief executive Len Kosova said at the meeting the City had no record or copy of it.

Councillor Joshua Topelgberg’s attempt to have the bus returned did not gain enough support from other councillors.

Councillor Roslyn Harley said it was “time for the bus to go” because it did not have wheelchair access.

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