Fringe World: Jess Love gets dangerously, deeply personal

Jess Love swings dangerously in this year's Fringe World
Jess Love swings dangerously in this year's Fringe World

JESS Love gets deeply personal in her autobiographical one-woman show Notorious Strumpet and Dangerous Girl at Fringe World Festival this week.

After two years performing in La Soiree and seven years living in London, Love said it was “a big deal” to bring her new “emotionally and physically exhausting” show, which is a hybrid of styles, to Perth.

The truthful tale focuses on two characters; Julia Mullins, a thief, prostitute and drunk and Jess Love, a carnie queer who likes a drink.

“I have never done anything quite as autobiographical as this; it has a lot of hilarious, dark and sad stories,” she said.

“It is a journey and people will leave the show having a holistic experience.”

Love said she was intrigued by the idea of meshing together the object of different art obsessions from the UK and Australia.

“Australia has been obsessed with nostalgia for a long time with burlesque and vintage aesthetic but in the UK it has been a performance art push for autobiographical work,” she said.

“I decided to bridge that gap and incorporate circus into autobiographical work.”

She performing such an emotionally raw and acrobatic performance left her exhausted.

“I went through some intense revelations in the last five years with my struggle with addiction and understanding that,” she said.

“It has been a rough ride but I thought ‘It has been an amazing story that people may want to see’.”

After her last Perth show on February 5, Love will head straight to Adelaide Fringe.

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