Fundraiser for eatery staff

Former employee Marie McLaughlin said the CBD-based eatery closed unexpectedly earlier this month.

Born in the UK, Mrs McLaughlin is on a working visa and will be forced to leave the country if she can’t find employment by this week.

She said she was grateful the Bar Aid 2015 fundraiser, hosted by the Angel Cut by Trustee, took a little bit of pressure off her situation.

‘The money was split between 18 employees, depending on who was owed the most,’ she said.

‘I ended up getting $100, which is better than nothing.’

Last Monday, Angel Cut by Trustee donated 50 per cent of the bar trade for the whole evening to help the Butterworth staff.

Angel Cut by Trustee owner Scott Taylor said he decided to hold the fundraiser because he felt obliged to help his fellow industry workers out.

‘We are in a fortunate position where we have three successful businesses, all of which we have worked hard to build and maintain, and I think everyone felt that it was appropriate to give something back,’ Mr Taylor said

‘So many of the Butterworth staff were devastated not just because they lost a job but because something they were involved in, were passionate about and worked hard for, all of a sudden wasn’t there anymore.

‘It was great that we could organise a fun night out amongst their peers as well as bringing a little publicity to how hard our industry can be.’

Owner Keith Ashley did not answer calls from the Guardian Express but Mrs McLaughlin said she had received a letter from a liquidator.