Future of suspended City of Perth council to be decided by Barrister Anthony Power

City of Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi.
City of Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi.

THE future of the suspended City of Perth council will hang on a recommendation by Barrister Anthony (Tony) Power after his operations probe.

Mr Power, who has practised at Francis Burt Chambers since 1999, was appointed by Local Government Minister David Templeman to commence an inquiry into the City of Perth’s operations and affairs between October 1, 2015 and March 1, 2018 inclusive.

He will consider if there was a failure to provide good government for the City of Perth community, the prospect of providing future good government and any necessary action to ensure ongoing good government.

Mr Power’s final report is due within 12 months, in which he will recommend reinstating the council or giving them the flick permanently.

Mr Templeman suspended the council almost eight weeks ago after concluding there was a failure to ensure the City performed its functions properly.

He said it was his priority to restore confidence in the people of Perth of the City’s ability to provide good governance for its community.

“I believe that with Mr Power’s specialist skills and knowledge, we are well placed to achieve this,” he said.

This inquiry marks the fifth local government inquiry panel in the past 20 years and the latest since the City of Canning in 2015.

Perth Commissioners will tonight make a decision behind closed doors on the suspended councillors’ fees.

It is expected the commissioners will slash Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi’s allowance down to $60,000, to stop the Deputy Lord Mayor allowance altogether and councillor attendance fees be paid on attendance rather that as an annual attendance fee.

Suspended councillor Steve Hasluck said this month he would reject any payments if it were to be granted.

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