Guests get accidental excitement before WAAPA show when fire alarm goes off

Picture: Jane Wishaw
Picture: Jane Wishaw

AN accidental alarm activation at WAAPA had audience members leaving their seats before the curtain went up on Saturday night.

As guests were taking their seats for the 2016 graduating music classes Best Bits performance, fire alarms went off throughout the building.

Perth Fire Station firefighters attended with security staff and front of house volunteers swiftly evacuating the theatre.

Acting Front of House supervisor Donna McFetridge said everyone worked together to evacuate the crowd from ECU security staff, firefighters, staff and student volunteers.

“The alarm sounded just as volunteer music theatre students were receiving an induction to the theatre, as they were ushers for the performance,” Ms McFetridge said.

Perth Fire Station officer Steve Rogers said ECU security knew exactly what to do and had everyone evacuated by the time they arrived.

“Everyone was very patient and pleasant whilst we investigated the cause which ended being an accidental alarm activation.”

The 2016 Acting graduates will present Choice Cuts this weekend.