Highgate: Wright St residents dig in their heels over development

An artist’s impression of the proposed development.
An artist’s impression of the proposed development.

HIGHGATE residents’ group Right For Wright remain implacably opposed to the proposed development of a five-level residential complex on Wright Street.

The developer, Momentum Wealth, recently submitted revised plans after the original proposal was rejected by Vincent Council and the Metro West Joint Development Assessment Panel.

Right For Wright said the development “is oversized and out of context with the fabric of the neighbourhood. In fact, the proposed plan does not meet nine out of 10 standards of the council, the most significant being that the proposal exceeds the plot ration by almost 30 per cent”.

“Should this development go ahead as currently proposed, not only will it make a mockery of the approvals process, it will be a future outlier in the neighbourhood, given the December passing of the CoV built form policy that limits future developments to three-storey in this area,” the group said in a written statement.

Highgate resident Greg Radin said “with Momentum Wealth reissuing similar plans which fail to address the issues of excessive height and bulk identified in the first round, we’re confident there will be no reason for the City of Vincent and JDAP to change their original decision”.

Fellow Highgate resident Toby Whincup said the total building height had been reduced “by less than half a metre”.

“It is still nearly 30 per cent over the allowed plot ratio… the developers have no interest in addressing the ongoing concerns of the community,” he said.

The City of Vincent is studying the plans, which a spokesman for Momentum Wealth said addressed the concerns raised.

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