Hula hoop star breaks world record

HULA hoop coach Bree Kirk-Burnnand this morning smashed the world record for most hoops spun at once.

The Scarborough resident broke the previous Guinness World Record by spinning 181 hula-hoops simultaneously for at least three rotations at Central Park in Perth’s CBD.

She beat the previous record by nine hoops.

In an interview with Community Newspaper Group last week, Ms Kirk-Burnnand said she expected to be “petrified” right before attempting the record.

“I think I’m going to be really nervous,” she said.

“It’s always been a record that I have had in the back of my mind, but only in the last six months did I think I could actually do it.”

The Happy Healthy Hoops founder said her greatest challenge was spinning at least 20kg of hoops around her body.

“I have blisters on my hands from lifting weights, which are awful,” she said.

“Even though 20kg doesn’t sound like much, the way you have to lift and throw them is quite hard.”