Hundreds of Perth angels attempt to break world record

Photo: Andrew Ritchie
Photo: Andrew Ritchie

HUNDREDS of angels marked World PTSD Day by gathering at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre last night to show their support for people affected by trauma.

The gathering was Perth’s first Guinness World Record attempt, organised by non-profit organisation angelhands, to have the most angels wearing white halos and wings in one place.


The final count was 712, more than 500 less than the current record held by Canada.

Although the Maylands organisation didn’t achieve the world record, angelhands founder Dr Ann O’Neill said she was “amazed and inspired” by the support from the WA community.

Photo: Andrew Ritchie

“I don’t mind we didn’t break the world record because we’ve made our own record in WA,” she said.

“Today is about raising awareness, it’s about the amazing recovery, healing time and people rebuilding trust after their life has been shattered.

“Trauma by its very nature shatters people’s trust in the goodness of the world, how safe it is, and how kind and predictable people behave.

“To have people come together and encourage small acts of kindness all helps to rebuild that trust and faith in humanity.”


Among the angels was WA chief justice Wayne Martin, who said the gathering showed a lot of people were aware and cared about trauma recovery.

“I see in the courts everyday people who have been subject to quite horrific accidents or injuries, sometimes deliberately caused, sometimes accidentally, and it changes their lives forever,” he said.

Emer Fullam (3) Ellenbrook.

“As a community we can be more sensitive about the needs of those people, not just their practical needs, but their emotional needs and recognising the ways in which their life has changed forever and the emotional adjustment they have to go through.”