Institute hopes not to close shop

The Film and Television institute is benefiting from its new city home.
The Film and Television institute is benefiting from its new city home.

The institute moved from the Old Boys School in Fremantle to the Perth Cultural Centre in May and Mr Bodlovich said the new location was an eye-opening place to work.

‘Our constituency tends to be based more around where we are now and we’re already noticing that we simply see people that we need and want to see more often than we used to,’ Mr Bodlovich said.

‘Of course, our current home on the second floor of the state library building is a temporary one.

‘We are just starting work on a report that will take us closer to our long-term goal to develop a screen sector incubator and hub facility, something that also offers a public engagement space, close to the Perth CBD and creative precincts just north of the city.’

Mr Bodlovich said despite losing federal funding for the institute in 2016, he was hopeful that FTI would not have to close its doors.

‘The federal funding is very important to FTI and represents around 10 to 15 per cent of our annual income, so while we do need to contemplate closing down as one possible scenario, we really don’t think that will be our lot,’ he said.

‘However, there’s no doubt that we will be continuing to significantly change our organisation/

‘It’s a real shame that at a time of great renewal for us that this funding cut will simply make things harder.

‘Over the next few months we, along with our sister organisations in other states, will be working to have the funding that is being cut from our part of the industry put back into Screen Australia by the Federal budget.’