Investment in youth

‘Often young people’s facilities are a bit out of the way and people think there are unruly elements there, but this is not the case,’ Mr Carey said.

‘I want this to become the centre and heart of Leederville and taking down the fence will help integrate it between into our town centre.’

Council agreed last week to remove the fence that surrounds the YMCA HQ and skatepark to open up the area to more young people.

The City of Vincent will also provide $15,000 to YMCA on top of the current $60,000 provided for youth activities each year, to supplement the lost entry revenue.

It currently costs skaters $5 each day, with flood lighting available at the site to allow longer use each day.

Mr Carey said a smaller, less obtrusive fence would be erected around the skate- park as a safety measure.

YMCA youth and community services operations manager Julie Hassett said removing the existing barrier would make the site more accessible to youth, with 35,000 using the HQ site in the last year.

‘There is a great need for community space like HQ Skatepark that provide positive, safe, engaging spaces specifically for young people,’ she said.

‘The skatepark offers great recreational past time opportunities for young people and provides positive, engaging activities to help them reach their full potential.’

Council also agreed to extend the YMCA’s lease of the site five years.

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