Island funding falls short

The City revealed at last week’s council meeting its revised plan for a sculpture park to be built on the island.

It has already spent about $31,000 on the project and has set aside $100,000 this year for further infrastructure and landscape design.

This is on top of a $5 million State Government commitment to help establish the parklands.

But funding for the pedestrian and cycle bridge linking the island to either side of the river has not been secured.

A report to council says this bridge is the most important part of the development, and would need additional State Government funding.

‘Importantly, the proposed pedestrian bridge that connects Point Fraser to Heirisson Island (potentially extending east to McCallum Park) remains unfunded,’ the report says.

‘The City has consistently identified this component as being the critical first step to be implemented prior to capital investment in artwork and infrastructure improvements to the island.

‘On the basis that the facility is a key link in the metropolitan movement system, it would be considered to be substantially a State Government infrastructure commitment.’

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the island development was not just about creating a sculpture park, but linking Victoria Park to the city.