Job focus for arts degrees

Bachelor degrees in arts, design, media and communications and contemporary arts will be restructured with a greater emphasis on professional engagement.

Students currently enrolled under the existing course structure will be able to continue to study and graduate in their existing degree.

ECU is also investing more than $5 million to create a new communications and arts hub at its Mt Lawley campus.

Over the next two years, ECU will spend $4 million on new facilities in design, visual art, fashion, broadcasting, animation, photomedia, motion capture and film.

Another $1 million will be invested in new technologies and software.

Head of the School of Communications and Arts Clive Barstow said the creation of the hub would give students the skills to succeed in the creative industries.

�This investment recognises that careers in communications and arts sectors are increasingly cross-disciplinary, and will require adaptable and multi-skilled graduates,� he said.

The new hub will give ECU students the opportunity to work across a range of disciplines.

�This approach is essential to equip our graduates with the skills needed to contribute to the growing creative industries in Australia and internationally,� Professor Barstow said.