Joyce Ashworth from Juniper named Aged Care Employee of the Year

Joyce Ashworth
Joyce Ashworth

AFTER devoting 50 years to caring for the elderly, Mt Lawley carer and supervisor Joyce Ashworth was been awarded the 2018 Australia’s Aged Care Employee of the Year at the National Aged Care Awards in Sydney earlier this month.

Ms Ashworth started her career in 1968 as a carer at Methodist Memorial Hospital in Subiaco and now works at Juniper Elimatta in Menora.

“When I was younger I went down to the aged care home in Glendalough to polish the floors and I would always talk to the residents and I loved it,” she said.

“Mum used to look after an elderly lady at the back of our house and I used to help care for her at the age of 14.

“I just always liked it; I think it was just in me.

“It felt right- like something I was meant to do.”

Juniper chief executive officer Chris Hall said Ms Ashworth, who worked with Juniper for the past 45 years of her career, was a giving and inspirational mentor.