Kerb crawlers named

Several people spoke in favour of the controversial decision to publish offenders’ names on the City’s website for six months from the date of conviction.

Vincent Mayor Alannah MacTiernan moved the motion last month and the page went live last Tuesday. Five names have been listed so far.

A Highgate resident at the meeting said he hoped councillors would not withdraw their decision.

He said he had seen condoms on the streets, assaults on residents and 24-hour curb crawling near his home.

‘This is a reality of life in Highgate,’ he said.

‘This situation can’t continue.’

A Stirling Street, Highgate, resident who endorsed the move said 10 prostitutes would sometimes appear on her lawn. She said a man seeking sexual services had followed her to her front door and men in vehicles had followed her young daughter.

Two Leederville residents said naming and shaming was an outdated concept, hailing from the Middle Ages.

‘How can you separate one crime from the next?’ a woman said.

After the meeting, Ms MacTiernan said naming and shaming was council’s way of ‘creatively responding to a very real problem.’

‘We’ve already had one case where a gentleman has said, ‘oh, this is so embarrassing, I’m never going to do this again,’ she said.

‘We want people to know that if they come down and do this they have a strong chance of being prosecuted.’