Last minute nomination left new Perth deputy Lord Mayor Jemma Green ‘shaking’

New City of Perth deputy Lord Mayor Jemma Green. Picture: Jemma Green/Facebook
New City of Perth deputy Lord Mayor Jemma Green. Picture: Jemma Green/Facebook

CITY of Perth’s new deputy Lord Mayor Jemma Green was “shaking” when it was decided she would be nominated for the role “one minute” before council made its decision last night.

Councillors spent three hours discussing who would step into the role of deputy lord mayor after a deadlock vote between Reece Harley and James Limnios.

Each nominee received four votes, forcing councillors behind closed door to discuss further, asking for three extensions while doing so.

Crs Harley and Limnios then both withdrew to nominate Cr Green.

Cr Green said before the meeting she had no intention of going up for the key role.

“I did not anticipate this; I have to say I was in quite a lot of shock, I was shaking so much when I was writing my name the CEO couldn’t read my name,” she said.

“It was decided (I would be up for deputy mayor) one minute before we came back into council chambers at the end of the three hour deliberation.”

She said a three hour conversation was necessary to “clear the air”.

“That conversation needed to happen for a long time,” she said.

“We needed to find out where the consensus was in the room and deal with the issues that happened in the past, to clear the air and set a tone and sentiment for how we want to work together, and that was not a quick conversation.

“I think we did a thorough job of it; it was the right amount of time to get the job done.”

Ms Green confirmed she had no intention of running for Lord Mayor.

She said until midday Wednesday, she had not had contact from Lisa Scaffidi, who stepped back form her duties as Lord Mayor while she waits her appeal decisions.

Ms Green said she was excited to be second in charge of Perth council.

“It is a little bit daunting but I’m enormously excited; it is a privilege,” she said.

“I’ve just been focusing now on what we need to get done and how to do it immediately.”

Cr Green said she intended to focus on addressing office vacancy rates, dealing with parking operations that might be stifling business, activating the city, increasing economic activity, dealing with homelessness and getting more people to live in the city.

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