Locks of love lost

Phil Harrison’s grandchildren Chelsea (6) and Sophie (4) Fitzgerald.
Phil Harrison’s grandchildren Chelsea (6) and Sophie (4) Fitzgerald.

Inscribed on it was a phrase taken from their wedding vows, ‘always childlike and irresponsible’.

Since then, about 20 more ‘love locks’ had appeared on the bridge.

But recently Mr Harrison said the padlocks had disappeared.

‘The bridge is now being painted and the locks appear to have been cut off,’ he said. ‘What a petty, unromantic thing for the City of Perth to do.’

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said contract painters had removed the locks without knowing their significance.

‘Upon hearing of their removal, I was so very disappointed and I wish to offer those people who will realise their love lock is gone to arrange a replacement via the City,’ she said. ‘I had hoped the removed locks had been kept by the painters, but unfortunately the locks’ current whereabouts are unknown and as they were probably cut off they would not be of any practical reuse.’

Mr Harrison said his granddaughters had always delighted in finding the personalised padlock when walking along the bridge.

But all is not lost for Mr Harrison.

‘We have already bought a new padlock and are having it engraved,’ he said.

‘We will wait for the painting to be completed and the scaffolding removed before replacing it on the centre of the bridge.’

People who had a padlock removed are asked to call Paul Anastas at the City of Perth on 9461 3339.