Perth Police are reminding groups to register their protests.

Unregistered protests are frustrating police.
Unregistered protests are frustrating police.

POLICE are reminding groups to register their protests.

A rise in demonstrations in Perth’s CBD has prompted the message to the community.

Perth Police Station operations manager Simon Hazell said poorly planned protests put a significant drain on resources.

‘In this last 12 months, there has been an absolute mass of protests, with at least one on every weekend,’ Senior Sergeant Hazell said.

‘Most groups work with us but there are the minority that don’t and they are the ones that concern us the most.

‘Not because of their behaviour, but because they will impromptu go for a march down the main street and they don’t have permits in place.’

Snr Srgt Hazell said police have to stop unregistered protests because it may not be safe for the participants and the wider community.

‘It’s not that we are trying to prevent anyone from protesting, it’s just that we have to manage the event in the interest of public safety.’

Legislation exists to give people an exemption from road traffic laws, allowing protesters to march on roads with a police escort, Snr Srgt Hazell said.

Police routinely ask for a six-week notification to facilitate road use for a march.

To register a protest, email the