Markets to remain after trial success

Vincent councillors unanimously granted the extended term last week, agreeing the market’s six-month trial period was a big success.

Ms Keane, from Kyilla Primary School P&C, which runs the weekly Saturday event, said new additions included earlier start times and entertainment.

‘We’ll now open at 8am instead of 8.30am (to 11.30am) to try and avoid a little bit of the heat,’ she said. ‘A lot of people in the community were starting to turn up earlier and hoping to get some produce from the store holders but they’re not allowed to operate until trading starts.

‘Entertainment has been approved as well so we’re hoping to create a bit more of a vibe down there and we can now hold extraordinary markets.

‘We’re allowed up to four per year so hopefully we’ll get that kicked off with the Christmas market (on December 23).’

Ms Keane founded the venture shortly after her children joined the school. She wanted to engage with the North Perth community and provide a dependable shopping experience for locals.

‘I didn’t want to have to think when I went shopping,’ she said. ‘I wanted to go where I knew all the produce I was getting was coming from somewhere safe and in WA.’

The market began in June offering produce such as fruit and veg, meat, seafood, bread, crepes, nuts, flowers, and fresh pasta.

According to a council report, weekly attendance rates were between 700 and 1100.