Mayor campaigns for change

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi last week launched the campaign after presenting to the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB), arguing for the City’s preferred boundary changes taking in key infrastructure and excluding suburban areas of Vincent.

Ms Scaffidi said all stakeholders surveyed to date supported the City’s boundary proposal and understood including suburban areas within the municipality would only be a ‘distraction’.

‘We need to be more focused on championing the capital city and believe that other local governments are in a better position to service those (suburban) areas more appropriately,’ she said.

‘I think given the strong amount of rates that corporate businesses pay and the amount of economic attraction that they bring into this City and what they drive, they need to have a voice in this very important discussion.’

Ms Scaffidi said she hoped other councils would take on similar campaigns because they had a once in a 100-year opportunity to get it right.

‘We want this issue to be really debated strongly and robustly for the betterment of our greater city and to only rely on reaction and rallies and emotion is really not serving your ratepayers or stakeholders as they should be,’ she said.

The LGAB is due to make its merger recommendations to the minister in July.