Mayor fears Perth rule

He said the proposed process was undemocratic for Vincent residents, who would be governed by the City of Perth from June to October 2015 under the State Government’s plans.

An urgent item at last week’s council meeting highlighted Vincent’s concerns regarding the boundary adjustment, which says it ‘is not a fair and equal merger between both councils when one council is simply abolished’.

Mr Carey also outlined a campaign to stop the boundary adjustment, including town hall meetings, writing to Local Government Minister Tony Simpson and seeking legal advice.

A working committee will also be set up to examine options for a ward structure to operate within the new council.

Mr Simpson said a boundary adjustment allowed for a smoother transition where at least one council would continue, as opposed to an amalgamation where both councils would cease.

‘We want stability, continuity of leadership and the retention of expertise, so we can achieve that smoother transition on changeover day,’ Mr Simpson said.