Meeting fees get the nod

The increase has set the Lord Mayor’s allowance to $130,000, plus $45,000 in meeting fees.

The Deputy Lord Mayor will receive an allowance of $32,500 plus $30,000 in meeting fees.

Councillors will receive $30,000 for attending meetings.

The Lord Mayor and councillors can also claim $13,360 in expenses, with a further report expected to go to council clarifying these reimbursements.

The changes come after the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal released its review of council and mayor payments earlier this month, increasing the maximum payments allowable for elected local government officials.

Previously, City of Perth councillors received $7000 in meeting fees, while the mayor received $14,000.

The Lord Mayor also received a $60,000 allowance, while the deputy mayor received $15,000.

The increases mean the City of Perth will spend $567,740 in payments to the mayor and councillors this financial year.