More funding available for CCTV

The $7 million committed to CCTV in the 2015-16 State Budget is on top of a $1.5 million allocation in the past two years.

The City of Vincent postponed plans to install CCTV cameras on Oxford Street in Leederville last year after it was revealed that Vincent�s budget was in deficit.

Eight cameras costing more than $120,000 were recommended for Oxford Street in Leederville to deal with graffiti and anti-social behaviour.

Mt Lawley MLA Michael Sutherland said a new integrated network could be a potential game-changer in preventing and prosecuting crime.

�The money will help councils to buy cameras and CCTV equipment while the balance will link the cameras together and allow police to access them,� he said.

�The cameras will enable police, in some cases, to assess the crime almost immediately, use the vision to prosecute offenders and deter criminal behaviour.

�The draft CCTV strategy released earlier this year provided the blueprint for Government, Local Government and the private sector to join together to achieve this through effective use of integrated technology.�

Mayor John Carey said council would investigate using the new funding to install more CCTV cameras around Vincent.

�We would be open to it. We didn�t include it in the budget because we didn�t know about the grants at the time,� he said.