More tracks plan ‘outrageous’

Ms Scaffidi made the comment while the City of Perth council debated its advice on the proposal to the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA), which controls the land.

Led by Ms Scaffidi, councillors said they were concerned that the PTA wanted to add three stow lines to the two existing ones in the area.

A report to council says this would allow 15 rail car sets to be stored at the site near Tully Road residences, with activity expected 22 hours a day, particularly at night.

‘To be honest, I have a big issue with this,’ Ms Scaffidi said. ‘I am very sad for the residents who bought in the area in good faith. It is outrageous.’

Cr James Limnios said the PTA should investigate other sites, away from residential properties, for the expansion.

‘It will destroy the amenity of the area,’ he said. ‘The residents already have to put up with trains, but this proposal would expand the final resting place and that will cause a lot of noise.’

Council agreed with the officer recommendation that more information on noise and vibration amelioration measures was needed, as was detail on landscaping, the effect on structural integrity of surrounding properties and a long-term noise mitigation plan.

Council also made two amendments to the recommendation highlighting their objection to the proposal.

Cr Jim Adamos moved the first amendment, saying council could not support the proposal unless more information on noise and vibration amelioration was provided.

Deputy Mayor Janet Davidson moved a second amendment, saying council ‘totally disagreed’ with the concept.

The MRA is considering the PTA’s development application and will take into account comments from the City of Perth, the Department of Environment Regulation and public submissions when determining the application.