Move for tighter planning

Mr Carey said approving the review was only the beginning of the process to rescind four planning policies and introduce a user-friendly policy that would centralise development standards.

The Leederville Precinct Policy, North Perth Precinct Policy, Perth Precinct Policy, Mt Lawley/Highgate Precinct Policy and Mt Hawthorn Precinct Policy are all part of the review.

‘This is big,’ Mr Carey said. ‘We’ve had to review all our policies and they are tightening.

‘But it’s not a release and defend situation ” we are really open. We want to have a genuine conversation with residents.’

The four policies to be rescinded relate to residential design elements, development guidelines for multiple dwellings, the discretion exercised for development variations and guidelines for commercial and mixed-use developments.

According to the March 10 council report, the new policy would reduce the risk of misinterpretation of the city’s expectations for new developments.

‘It’s the result of the incredible acceleration of the development in city,’ Mr Carey said. ‘Residents are concerned about the type of developments and developers are pushing the limits.

‘It has been a long time coming; I’ve seen at the DAP (Development Assessment Panel) some developers pushing it to the absolute maximum.’

Mr Carey said letters would go out to residents in the next five weeks and focus groups would be held on the policy.

Councillor Emma Cole said council would get the chance to hear views and concerns on the policy from residents during the consultation process.