Music the medicine at Royal Perth Hospital

Stephanie Sim (centre) with WAAPA students and musicians Hollie Burbage and Pippa Lester.
Stephanie Sim (centre) with WAAPA students and musicians Hollie Burbage and Pippa Lester.

YOUNG musicians are using Christmas carols to lift the mood at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH).

Before starting a year-long internship at RPH, University of WA (UWA) medical student Stephanie Sim (23) has co-ordinated a month of musical performances at the city hospital.

Ms Sim, of Mt Claremont said she had performed at the hospital six years ago and enjoyed it so much she wanted to bring it back.

“Hospitals can be daunting for patients and visitors and they can be very clinical environments so music can help to liven the atmosphere and make it a bit more homely,” Ms Sim said.

“We’ve had a clarinet trio playing classical music, a jazz band, acoustic duos and a barbershop quartet which was a four-man a Capella.”

The 23-year-old co-ordinated musicians from the WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) to play lunchtime concerts near the cafe on Tuesdays and Thursdays in December.

A pianist and violinist of four and five years respectively, Ms Sim (23) said she would love to see more hospital performances next year.

“Music is known to relieve anxiety and lift people’s moods,” she said.

RPH consumer engagement director Todd Gogol said as a former concert violinist, he thought it was a perfect idea.

“There are so many benefits of music in any work place, especially a hospital,” Mr Gogol said.

“Something like this is so fantastic and the feedback has been really positive.”

Vocalist and pianist Hollie Burbage said it was a lovely opportunity to bring joy to patients and staff at the hospital.

Ms Burbage and Churchlands resident Pippa Lester entertained patients and staff last week.

“We love music, and we hope they do too,” Ms Lester said.

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