Name and shame to be reviewed

In June, councillors voted to list offenders’ names on the City website for six months from the date of conviction, then review the decision in 12 months.

The change came last week after councillor Joshua Topelberg raised a rescission motion to receive a report on the approach as early as November 5 this year.

He said while many community members supported naming and shaming, others did not. He added he was not at the meeting when the original motion was passed.

Cr John Carey opposed the move, stating he had doorknocked homes in Highgate and residents favoured the original ruling because they were ‘fed up’ with unruly behaviour of prostitutes and men seeking their services.

‘I don’t know how anyone could live in that environment,’ he said.

‘We made a council decision and we should let it see its course.’

Cr Roslyn Harley also voted against the motion, saying it was ‘really important that we don’t pull our punches now.’

She said a reassessment in November was too early, as potential new councillors would not have had time to grasp the history of residents’ problems.

Cr Dudley Maier supported the move, claiming the issue was about protecting people misidentified.

Chief executive John Giorgi said the City had not received any legal threats of defamation from people named, or complaints from residents.

Councillors settled on the February date to give new councillors a chance to understand the issue and because summer was the key time for offences.