New builds close to nightlife test case

The Mustang Bar owner said the City of Perth had consistently supported the operation of clubs and nightclubs in Northbridge, and the associated noise generated.

He said protecting the rights of venue owners would continue to be important as the City encourages an active nightlife and increases residential living.

At a recent council meeting, Perth council approved an 11-storey mixed use development, including 61 apartments at 89 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, near The Aberdeen Hotel and The Shed.

One of the conditions for approval requires the developer to ensure all bedrooms and living areas are designed to limit internal noise.

If these requirements are not met, alterations must be done at the developer’s cost.

A report to council says the character of Northbridge as an entertainment precinct should not be limited by residential uses.

‘Future development in Northbridge presents council with particular challenges to manage the residential and non-residential issues in this area, so as not to compromise the viability of the entrainment venues whilst preserving an adequate level of residential amenity for occupants of the proposed apartments,’ it says. ‘In many respects, this development may be regarded as a test case establishing the level of success when high level acoustic measures are employed to address noise mitigation.’

Mr Keiller said he hoped the City’s Northbridge Noise Study, currently under way, would further enshrine the rights of venue owners.

‘Like many things, a balance is desired,’ he said. ‘The venues are critical to place activation and deliver major economic benefits to staff, bands, cleaners and many other secondary suppliers.

‘They also pay higher rates and attract tens of thousands of patrons that also spend money for parking, to the overall benefit of the local community.’