New racks for old after injury

New racks for old after injury

At last week’s meeting, councillors approved an officer recommendation to remove 21 racks, which are 10mm wide, with similar shaped racks made from cylindrical pipe.

The decision comes after the city received a compensation claim last October from a person who tripped and cut his arm on one of the racks.

A report to council says the City has received numerous complaints about the design since they were installed parallel to the kerbline in 2012.

In May last year, the City painted a series of graphic panels around each rack to improve their visibility along the street.

The new racks will also feature this graphic panel.

The report says the existing racks will be reused throughout the City in sets of two or more.

The City estimates removal of the racks will cost $3500 and the purchase and installation of the new racks will cost $6000. A further $6000 will be spent on installing graphic panels.