News Xtend: Community News offers suite of digital solutions

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For more than 30 years, Community News has been a trusted name in print advertising and now it has expanded its suite of services to include a complete range of digital marketing solutions – turning one single print ad into a multi-channel marketing solution.

Introducing News Xtend, Community’s one-stop-shop for small-to-medium businesses digital advertising requirements.

Using Facebook advertising packages, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, and digital display services, Community is now positioned to help businesses to reach a greater audience across multiple platforms.

Through News Xtend, Community News is now a Google Premier Partner.

Community’s SME Sales Director, Tamika Cruickshank, said that she is excited to be able to provide local advertisers a complete suite of digital marketing solutions at scale to complement their print campaigns.

“We are always looking for new ways to boost our offering to clients and News Xtend allows us to tailor digital marketing solutions that will help them to reach a greater audience across multiple platforms,” Cruickshank said.

To coincide with the launch of News Xtend, Community has recently appointed Digital Sales Specialist Tessa Tolhurst, who is excited about the potential News Xtend has to turn a single print ad into a multi-channel marketing solution.

“I am very excited to be launching this new offering to Community’s local advertisers,” Tolhurst said.

“Our team of digital sales specialists will ensure, through this partnership, local advertisers receive the best and most creative multi-channel package possible for their brand.”

For more information, and to learn what News Xtend can do for your business, contact Digital Sales Specialist Tessa Tolhurst on 0413 444 025 or