No stand-up cocktails at Peasant’s

The City of Vincent refused the zoning change from eating house to tavern at last Tuesday�s council meeting.

Restaurant manager Jacki O�Hara said she submitted the application following several requests for stand-up cocktail functions at the restaurant.

�We want to do it to facilitate and meet the needs of the people in the community,� Ms O�Hara said. �I believe there is a market niche for what we are trying to achieve.�

Project manager Mario Sequeira said he had been working on the proposal for the rezoning since November last year.

�It would still be subject to approval from liquor licensing,� Mr Sequeira said.

�It would be just like the current restaurant but would give them the opportunity to take bookings for functions.�

Councillor Roslyn Harley said she had several concerns about the proposal.

�A tavern zoning allows for the sale of packaged alcohol,� Cr Harley said.

�This venue is already allowed to serve alcohol inside without food; I don�t understand why tavern licence is needed.

�My understanding is that TAB can be opened under that licence too. I don�t feel like there are enough safeguards.�

Cr Emma Cole said the application was a bridge too far.

�In terms of taverns in Mt Hawthorn, you have the Paddington Ale House and then you�d have this; these are very different venues.�

Mayor John Carey said he was disappointed with the approach from the applicant and would not support the request.

�I think it is the thin edge of the wedge,� Mr Carey said.

�If it was to be sold on and changed, we could be looking at a very different beast.�

Cr John Pintabona supported the application and said he felt the zoning would suit the restaurant�s location.

�I think the approval in that location would work,� Cr Pintabona said.