No to multi-homes

At the last council meeting, they agreed the Domination Homes proposal did not comply with objectives of the Vincent Town Planning Scheme.

Overwhelming opposition to the plan was voiced, with much of the full public gallery comprising local residents.

Vanessa Lombardo, who lives next door to the former Masonic Hall site (the hall was recently demolished) fought back tears as she spoke of her frustration with the plan and developer. She said the development was not ‘community-minded’ and Domination Homes had given little warning regarding the demolition.

‘I’ve a totally wrecked boundary line. I wish you could see the debris and devastation that is my back yard,’ she said.

Brett Thompson, who last month presented council with a 167-signed petition against the proposal, said the developer wanted to maximise profits with overdeveloping the site.

‘We’ve presented a petition, which poses clear opposition to the development,’ he said.

‘Everyone could benefit from a better plan’