On the outer over inner city split

Mt Hawthorn resident Garrett Bray said while he agreed with council amalgamations, he did not support the State Government plan to transfer part of the suburb to Stirling.

‘The extension of the City of Perth’s boundaries are well overdue and should be lauded, however the new boundaries, instead of merely reflecting past growth, should reflect the future growth of the city and the role that inner city suburbs like Mt Hawthorn have to play in that growth,’ he said.

North Perth resident Chris Bates said he was also in favour of council amalgamations, but thought the suburb was more aligned to Perth than Stirling.

‘The suburb is close to the CBD so it just makes sense for all the inner city suburbs to have the same vision under one council,’ he said.

Highgate resident Lindsay McPhee said it would be a mistake for inner city suburbs to be governed by separate councils.

‘We are all concerned our lively inner city suburbs will be swallowed up and taken over by a council which has no idea how vibrant hubs operate,’ she said. ‘We have had the benefit of a progressive inner city council, which has encouraged and paid for public art, funded and supported local festivals, understands the suburbs’ affinity to the city, and worked with local business communities to enable these areas to grow.’ Anne Gartner