Paid parking on the cards

Councillor Karen Caddy described the implementation of paid parking as a “long saga” for the City.

Cr Caddy said there was “more work to do” in implementing the paid parking at the Main Street carpark between Cape Street and Federal Street. Councillors requested a meeting with representatives from the Main Street Plaza precinct to discuss the parking changes.

The council officer’s report said businesses in the area were invited to make a comment and the council received 52 replies.

“Comments received expressed concerns over a lack of parking and there was generally no support for paid parking,” the report said.

“Some comments supported paid parking if permit parking was provided to businesses; there were concerns of financial impacts on businesses.”

The report said the meeting would be held before advancing the proposed paid parking and a report of the area would also be provided to council in the New Year.

A motion to implement paid parking and an upgrade of street parking at Selby Street North (Burgay Court and Pearson Way) in Osborne Park was approved.

Paid parking will also be introduced on Railway Parade in Mt Lawley and Bradford Street near Edith Cowan University.

The report said it was reasonable for motorists to contribute.