Parking sticking point for IGA site

More than 50 people attended the meeting at the Inglewood Civic Centre earlier this month, which was co-ordinated by Maylands MLA Lisa Baker, to discuss the proposal for a 94-unit mixed-use development at the corner of Beaufort Street and Tenth Avenue.

Resident and former secretary of the now defunct Inglewood Ratepayers Association Louise Cartledge said that while she understood the need for development,parking would continue to be a big issue.

She is calling for residents to submit their concerns to Ms Baker to add a report to the Development Assessment Panel.

She said the five-storey height of the proposal was also a concern.

Westbridge Property Group director Matthew McNeilly said the proposal included 121 new bays and the majority of the development was three storeys, with smaller areas of four and five stories.

‘Our proposal has been prepared to be consistent and complies with the City of Stirling’s planning vision for the area. We are also meeting and exceeding the City’s parking requirement by providing 121 new parking bays on site,’ he said.

‘Inglewood’s proximity to Perth’s CBD means the area is likely to change over the coming years as Perth continues to grow and mature as a city. This presents a number of opportunities for all concerned.’

He said the traffic study, done as a part of the development application, showed fewer vehicle movements would leave and enter the site and traffic flow would be more predictable than for the existing supermarket.

Ms Baker said that while the development met the requirements for parking bays and there was good access to buses, she did not think 121 bays would be adequate.

City of Stirling councillor Terry Tyzack, who represents the Inglewood ward, said the development should prompt a re-examination of traffic treatments at the Tenth Avenue and Beaufort Street intersection, as well as a reassessment of speed limits.

The Metro North West Joint Development Assessment Panel will decide if the proposal is approved, but the developers and the City of Stirling must first agree to the use of Lawry Lane as a part of the development.