Paved with gold

CYCLING on Scarborough Beach Road should be safer from next week when the City of Vincent�s �gold standard� protected bike lanes are completed.

Avid cyclist and North Perth resident Geraldine Box said the protected lanes were ideal for cyclists and cars alike.

Ms Box runs the Bike Friendly Vincent Facebook page and said cyclists in the area were delighted with the progress of Vincent�s $2.5 million bike network.

�This is ideal � protected bike lanes are what we really want,� she said.

Mayor John Carey said the network was on time, on budget and would make roads safer for cyclists, pedestrians and cars.

�Scarborough Beach Road is the gold standard � we�d love to see this everywhere,� Mr Carey said.

�This is the future � everyone separate, everyone safe.

�I respect there are those people who believe roads are for cars and that�s it and I understand that. I don�t agree with it but I respect some people have that opinion.�

Mr Carey said Vincent was unlikely to support the State Government�s plan to allow cyclists over the age of 12 on footpaths, as the City of Stirling did this month.

�I think it can be used as an excuse by local governments not to invest in cycling lanes,� he said.

�Local government has to spend more on cycling lanes.�